Our Mission

We believe that you should
never have to lose the voice of
someone you love.

We believe that all people should be able to record and interactively share their knowledge, wisdom and life experiences.

​We believe that conversational AI gives us a powerful new way to tell the stories that define who we are.

The Founders

When HereAfter CEO James Vlahos learned that his father had been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer, he created the Dadbot, a conversational avatar to share his life story and unique personality.


Recognizing that love and the desire to pass along a legacy are universal, Vlahos launched HereAfter to give everyone the ability to immortalize their stories.


HereAfter CTO Kevin Bowden is nearing completion of his PhD, studying conversational AI at the University of California, Santa Cruz. 

He is a two-time leader and four-time member of his university’s team in the Amazon Alexa Prize. It's a contest in which graduate student teams from around the world spend a year developing a “socialbot” capable of holding a 20-minute, small talk conversation with users.

Questions? Call us at 866-443-7323 (toll free, 8:30am-6pm PT).