The Benefits for You

More than photos in an album,

we bring your memories

and personality to life.

You’ve created, achieved,

and loved. Pass down

what you've learned.

Read about us in . . . 
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CEOs and philanthropists

pass along wisdom

to leaders of the future.

Record the life stories of parents and grandparents. Never lose the voices of the people you love.

Mark Cuban. Sheryl Sandberg. The Rock. If you could chat with a virtual version of anyone, who would you chose?


What Customers Say

Ramesh K., TX

"My grandson can learn from my

experience using my voice."

Paul D., CT

"Go for it! I’ve done it and my 90-year-old

dad did too. A terrific way to share so much

about you and your life with loved ones."

Andrew K., CA

"This is about history for me, a kind of limited immortality that creates an intimate personal experience for my future relatives.”

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