Remembering Reinvented

Record your life story or the memories of someone you love. Share with your family through our interactive app.

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Ultimate. Memory. Machine.

Our expert interviewers record your precious family memories. Our interactive platform lets you hear those stories through any phone or smart speaker. Here's how:


An experienced interviewer (remotely) records your stories about first dates and first cars. About parents, grandparents, and best friends. About graduation days, birthdays, and wedding days. About seeing the love of your life, hearing a child’s first words, or feeling the breeze on a mountain peak.


Using our revolutionary AI platform, we build a conversational legacy avatar to interactively share your stories and photos. Fun, engaging, and always accessible, HereAfter is a personalized time capsule that talks!


Listen to the stories and access favorite family photos simply by asking a phone app or smart home device. It's like talking to Siri or Alexa, but instead of requesting a weather forecast or favorite song, family members get to ask life story questions—and hear the answers in your actual voice!

Ramesh K., TX

"My grandson can learn from my

experience using my voice."


Paul D., CT

"Go for it! I’ve done it and my 90-year-old

dad did, too. A terrific way to share so much

about you and your life with loved ones."

Andrew K., CA

"This is about history for me, a kind of limited immortality that creates an intimate personal experience for my future relatives.”