A Less Lonely 2020?

Could virtual embodiments of real people combat the social isolation of seniors in the COVID era? Sounds crazy, but hear me out . . .

In the US, nearly a third of all people over age 60 live alone. Since March, social distancing measures and fears about traveling have forced family members to stay apart, *doubling* how many people report feeling isolated.

Google’s “Loretta” commercial during the 2020 Super Bowl spotlighted the concept of a virtual assistant reducing loneliness by sharing memories from someone’s life. HereAfter has brought this concept to life. The company’s legacy avatars combat loneliness by providing the comforting and always available voice of a loved one in the home.

HereAfter users interact with the actual recorded voice of a loved one. Isolated users feel connection by speaking virtually with a spouse, parent, or other relative who has passed away . . . or who is simply somewhere else and unavailable at the moment.

HereAfter’s legacy avatars share significant memories, as well as sayings, songs, jokes, and advice. They connect family members through the power of stories and the warmth

of the human voice.

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