How Far Would You Go to Be Remembered?

In 1631, paying tribute to his late wife, the emperor Shah Jahan used 20,000 workers and spent the equivalent of $1 billion to build the Taj Mahal.

What would you do to preserve and honor a loved one's life story? Probably something a little less . . . palace-y. Maybe write something down. Make a recording. Or take photos and videos by the thousand.

But even these newer memory technologies aren’t all that new, dating back decades or even centuries. And none of them are any more alive or interactive than the Shah’s silent monument.

So for your first installment of our Remembering Reinvented newsletter, I simply want to ask a question. If you could wave a magic wand and invent something totally new to share life memories, what would you create? 

If you have an idea, whether it is realistic or ridiculous, please email or post to We'll share the most inventive suggestions in an upcoming post!

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