Pass Along Wisdom, Not Just Money

For the report "Leaving a legacy: A lasting gift to loved ones," Merrill Lynch Wealth Management and the Age Wave consultancy surveyed 3,000 people in the U.S. The key finding? "Legacy is what you leave behind to heirs and loved ones," the report stated. "It includes assets, possessions, instructions and—of greatest importance to most people—values and life lessons that can help subsequent generations navigate their lives."

To pass along this wisdom, the authors recommended conversations; "a legacy letter"; and photos, videos, or personal documents. A HereAfter legacy avatar, with its interactivity and the vividness of peoples' actual recorded voices, would obviously add great richness to this mix. As the report put it, "While the majority of Americans leave financial inheritances, 69% say they most want to be remembered for memories shared with loved ones."

People with umbrellas prepared to share their legacy with HereAfter AI

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