Save Your Legacy

Record your life story with the help of an expert interviewer.

Get the personalized app that shares your memories in your own voice.

Let your most precious memories live on.

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The legacy-sharing app is the finished product, accessible via your phone and smart home devices, that shares your stories and photos with family members.


The amount of life story recordings is how long one of our memoir experts will spend interviewing you. The process is conducted remotely over an internet service similar to Zoom.


Professional audio editing separates longer passages of recorded audio into shorter, engaging answers that your family members will enjoy.


Photo uploads lets you share a select number of your most meaningful family photos. Family members who use the app will be able to see them and hear the stories you tell about them.


Memoir coaching is a special session with one of our life story experts, held before your interview sessions, that will prepare you to share you most vivid and meaningful stories.

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