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Record precious memories and share them with the whole family with the world's most engaging and interactive life story app.

How it works

Step 1

Answer questions

Connect with our friendly virtual interviewer through a web and mobile app. It asks story-inspiring questions about all aspects of your life—childhood, family background, relationships, career, and more—and records your spoken replies.

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Step 2

Upload photos

Do you have the perfect photos to illustrate a story—showing that first car, prom date, epic view, or newborn child? Upload them to be part of your memory collection.

Step 3

Start a conversation

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Chosen family members can access your memories simply by speaking life story questions to the app. The app replies with stories, memories, and advice—all in your recorded voice—and shows your photos.

What is the technology?

HereAfter AI makes precious life memories instantly accessible through natural conversation. Here’s how:

Our app understands common life story questions that family member ask and finds the right stories and answers.


Forget listening to hours of disorganized audio. HereAfter gives you the content you want in short, engaging stories.


Only you and the people you directly authorize can access your content.

What people say

The consensus: HereAfter is the most rich, meaningful, and engaging way to save and share family history

The gift of being remembered

HereAfter is a heartfelt, customized gift you can give for the holidays, Mother's Day, Father's Day, birthdays, retirements, and more. Order online and receive a gift card. There's never any shipping delay, so last-minute purchases are no problem.
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Our story

When CEO James Vlahos learned that his father had been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer, he created the Dadbot, a chatbot that shares his life story and unique personality.

The desire to preserve rich and vibrant memories of our lives is universal, so we launched HereAfter AI to give everyone the ability to immortalize their stories.

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