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Legacy Voice Bots

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Conversation & Connection

HereAfter creates interactive, oral history-sharing chatbots so that your legacy can live on.

First we record your life story or that of a loved one. Then we use conversational artificial intelligence and the voice computing platform of Amazon Alexa to share these stories with family members and friends of your choosing.

Simply by speaking, HereAfter users can hear the recorded replies of loved ones—their real stories, songs, and sayings; their actual voices.

Our goal is to capture the true spirit of people and to enable their stories to become immortal.

The inspiration

When HereAfter cofounder James Vlahos learned that his father had been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer, he launched a desperate effort to keep his memory alive. He created the Dadbot, a conversational avatar that has become internationally recognized for its ability to provide precious, vivid reminders of a real man who is dearly missed.  

Recognizing that love and loss are universal, and that the current means for remembrance are stuck in the past, HereAfter now gives everyone the ability to have memorializing bots of their own.