Record the life story of someone you love.
Share with the whole family through a revolutionary app.

Here's how it works.


1. An expert interviewer audio records your loved one's life story and memories.


2. We professionally edit the audio into moving stories your family will love.


3. Listen to those stories anywhere by speaking life story questions to our phone/smart speaker app.

Customer testimonials

Ramesh K.

"My grandson can learn from my

experience using my voice."

Debbie Essex crop_edited.jpg
Debbie E.

Hearing my dad's stories, I learned more about my his life than I had ever known previously. HereAfter is precious to me and will be a great gift for generations to come.

Andrew K.

"This is about history for me, a kind of limited immortality that creates an intimate personal experience for my future relatives.”

Rose O.

 "My family will always have the ability for me to answer their questions so that my memories can last forever.”

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Purchase a video recording of your loved one's life story interviews


In addition to accessing our life story-sharing app, get complete audio recordings of the interview sessions


Receive a written transcript of the memories that your loved one shared


Get expert coaching on how to share memories in an engaging and meaningful way

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Frequently asked questions

What is the final product?

You get an app, accessible from any smartphone or smart speaker, that lets you ask life story questions and hear your loved one’s actual recorded answers. You talk to it, and it talks back!

How does the finished app work?

Our AI-backed app is designed to understand a wide range of life story questions that people ask and to find and play the most appropriate answers. For instance, you could ask “what is your earliest memory,” “why did you choose your career,” or “how did you meet mom” and immediately hear your loved one’s recorded answer.

Why is this service better than a life story book?

Life story books give you silent words on a page. Our product brings the stories and personality of your loved one to life through the sound of their voice. Life story book companies email you lists of questions and leave the rest to you. We provide friendly, experienced interviewers who personally guide your loved one through the process of sharing meaningful, emotional memories.

Why is this better than conventional life story recording?

Life story recording projects typically result in hours of disorganized audio that get buried on a computer hard drive. We edit the audio into focused, engaging stories of 1-2 minutes each that are instantly accessible.

How does the interview process work?

To share great stories with your family, we first need to record them. HereAfter’s life story interviews are recorded remotely over the internet using a service similar to Zoom. The sessions happen one hour at a time; e.g., if you purchase three hours of recording, there will be three separate sessions of an hour each.

Who does the interviews?

We employ friendly, experienced memoir interviewers. The process is thoughtful, organized, and fun—even for people who don’t typically like to talk about themselves.

How do clients prepare?

Before the first session we’ll send out an extensive list of life story prompts. Organized by major topic (e.g., Childhood, Love, Career), they spark ideas for vivid, meaningful memories to share.

Can I submit life story questions of my own?


Do you offer gift cards?

We do! You’ll have the option at checkout to indicate if you are making a gift purchase. We will then email an attractive gift card directly to you.

Can I get my full original life story recordings?

Yes. While our primary product is the interactive app that shares your loved one’s stories, you’ll also have the option to purchase the complete, unabridged recordings. They are yours to keep and distribute.

Can I get a video of the the life story interviews?

Yes. We also offer life story videos as an additional service.

Who gets to access to the product?

Only you and the people you directly authorize.

Are you going to sell or share my information?

Nope. Never.

Why should I sign up now?

Recording a life story is the type of thing that feels like you can always do later. But if you’re like most people, “later” ultimately becomes “too late.” People pass away unexpectedly. Or they develop memory-impairing conditions. So we urge you to get those life stories recorded now.