Your stories and voice.

Preserve memories with an app that interviews you about your life. Then, let loved ones hear meaningful stories just by chatting with the virtual you.
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“The best way to keep the stories of our loved ones alive.”
“[A] more rich, vivid and interactive way to remember.”
“The best tool to preserve... legacy.”
“The next step in the human quest for immortality.”

How It Works

Step 1

Meet your biographer

Sharing memories on your own can be hard. HereAfter makes it easy with a friendly, virtual interviewer that organizes the process and has hundreds of story prompts to inspire you.

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Step 1

Record precious memories

Audio record stories about your childhood, relationships, experiences, personality, and more. We’ll securely save and organize everything for your loved ones to hear, right away or years in the future.

Step 1

Add favorite photos

Upload pictures to go with your stories. Family members will always be able to hear your voice explaining who's in the picture and why the moment mattered.

Step 1

Say hello to the virtual you

To learn about your life and personality, loved ones simply speak their questions to the app. They’ll see your photos and hear you sharing memories in your actual voice.



Unlike life story books and photo albums, the HereAfter app is interactive. You talk to it and it talks back!

Easy to use

People of all ages can use the app, which guides them with a friendly voice and on-screen prompts.


Forget wading through hours of life story recordings. Family members can instantly access stories and photos just by asking.


Your voice brings your personality to life so that children, grandchildren, and beyond can know what you’re really like.


Loved ones can enjoy hearing your memories through any computer or phone, around the corner or on the other side of the world.


Only you and the people you authorize can access your memories.

What users say

Debbie E.
“HereAfter is a great gift for generations to come.”
Rose O.
“My family will always have the ability for me to answer their questions.”
Andrew K.
“This creates an intimate personal experience for my future relatives.”
Ramesh K.
“My grandson can learn from my experience using my voice.”

The gift of being remembered

HereAfter is a heartfelt, customized gift you can give for the holidays, Mother's Day, Father's Day, birthdays, retirements, and more. Order online and receive a gift card. There's never any shipping delay, so last-minute purchases are no problem.
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