Create your HereAfter!

Your legacy AI is the finished product—the interactive voice app, accessible via a phone app and smart home devices, that shares your stories and photos.


The amount of life story interviews is how long one of our memoir experts will spend interviewing you. The content is then professionally edited for use in your HereAfter. 


The number of access accounts is how many households get access to your life story-sharing HereAfter. It could be just your own, or you could let children, and grandchildren talk to the virtual you.

Access to original audio recordings means that you'll get the full, unedited recording of your life story interviews, just as you would with a conventional oral history project.


Memoir coaching is a special session with one of our life story experts, held before your interview sessions, that will prepare you to share you most vivid and meaningful stories.

More questions? Check out our product video to see how HereAfter works, or contact us to learn more!

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