Frequently Asked Questions

How does HereAfter work?

Using our product is like speaking to Siri or Alexa. But instead of requesting a weather forecast or directions to a store, your family members and friends get to ask questions about your life and hear the answers in your actual recorded voice, coming through their phone or a smart home speaker.

What makes HereAfter better than other companies that produce life story books and recordings?

We have the only truly interactive product, one that brings your stories and personality to life.

What is the process for creating a HereAfter?

One of our memoir experts interviews you in person or over an internet phone connection, guiding you through a fun, well-organized process. We handle the rest!

How do I prepare for the interviews?

You’ll get the questions in advance so that you can prepare. The process is comfortable and easy, even for people who don’t typically like to talk about themselves.

Why not just do an oral history project on my own?

With the DIY approach, many people wind up with hours of disorganized recordings gathering (digital) dust on their hard drives. HereAfter makes your stories concise, engaging, and accessible anywhere you have an internet connection.

How do I access HereAfter?

We’re available through Amazon Alexa-enabled devices and the Alexa smartphone app. Soon, we’ll be accessible via other voice computing platforms such as Google Assistant and our own website and app.

Who gets to talk to my HereAfter besides me?

Nobody—unless you want them to. Only you and people you authorize have access.

How do you safeguard my information?

Your HereAfter is stored on the Amazon cloud with server-side and in-transit encryption. Sensitive account data is further protected in databases that are not accessible to the public internet with strict access control and rotating credentials. Around-the-clock infrastructure monitoring by our software partner allows them to quickly identify and mitigate any potential issues to ensure your data security.

Are you going to sell or share my data?

Nope. Never.

How much audio is programmed into my HereAfter?

For every hour you are interviewed by one of our memoir experts, your HereAfter will end up with roughly 30 minutes of professionally edited content.

Can I add other materials to my HereAfter such as journal entries, photos, and videos?

We believe that voice is the most emotionally powerful way to share life stories. But in the future, we’re hoping to let people expand their HereAfter with other types of media.

How good is the AI?

Computers can’t make conversation like people do or even come close. But your HereAfter can field a wide range of life story questions and instantly share the answers.

Why should I sign up now?

Recording a life story is the type of thing that feels like you can always do later. But if you’re like most people, “later” ultimately becomes “too late.” People pass away unexpectedly. Or they develop memory-impairing conditions as they age. So we urge you to get those life stories recorded now.

What does the subscription cost cover?

• The life story interview sessions themselves; • Professional editing of those sessions into succinct, engaging answers that listeners will enjoy; • The ongoing cost to host your HereAfter on cloud computing servers; • Continued technological development to enhance your HereAfter's conversational abilities.

Questions? Call us at 866-443-7323 (toll free, 8:30am-6pm PT).